Writing a good retail resume

Objectives in a resume communicate your goals and a plan to the employer. A clearly defined career objective describes whether your goals will benefit the organization or not.

Writing a good retail resume

But this advice applies even more for sales professionals.

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After all, selling is what you do. Your resume should showcase your confidence and sales abilities — in other words, you need to brag shamelessly!

Here are 5 ways you can demonstrate that confidence to potential employers when writing your resume. This will ensure that the employer sees your sales success before getting to the career history section of your resume. You will immediately make a positive impression.

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Sales Resume Tip 2 - Pack Your Resume With Results When you do get to your career chronology, make sure that the entire section is packed with results. Spend very little time on your job responsibilities — everyone knows what a salesperson or sales manager does.

Instead focus on what you achieved. Sales increases Sales rankings within your company or industry if you know Client base growth Awards received Sales Resume Tip 3 - Highlight Awards The last point about awards should be emphasized. If you have won awards or honors for your sales performance, make sure those are highlighted prominently.

If you have lots of them, you may even want to list them right upfront in your resume introduction. Awards are proof positive of your skills and talents. Make the most of them! Many companies want their sales people to know a certain sales approach and others want to invest in developing their staff.

If you already have the training, that can make you very appealing over another candidate who will need to learn. Sales Resume Tip 5 — Know Your Audience You would never try to sell a product without knowing your target audience and the same applies to your resume.

Figure out who will be reading your resume and what their concerns are.

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Are you interested in smaller companies? Then you may want to show you can compete successfully with bigger corporations, or open new markets. In larger companies, the opposite will apply. Have you managed large budgets?

Led major product launches? Worked on international sales? Check out job postings online for clues. In Summary The best sales resumes convey absolute confidence that the candidate can meet the needs of employers.

By using these 5 strategies, you can make sure that yours is one of them! Author, Louise Fletcher Louise co-founded Blue Sky in after a career as an HR executive in industries such as music, video games, fashion and advertising.

Louise is a word nerd at heart and loves to write. In her spare time she paints and cooks. She also gardens, with results that can best be described as mixed.For a general retail position: “To gain an understanding of how to provide good customer service and to obtain knowledge of the day-to-day operations of (industry/type of service).” “Reliable and mature high school senior seeking a part-time retail sales position with a youth-oriented clothing environment to gain experience and insight.

Bookmark this article for when you’re updating your resume and need some good resume words. Copy the list into your resume-writing software such as Microsoft .

The document below is a Retail Manager Resume Example for an individual with diverse work history as shoe store and department store manager. Sep 01,  · How to write a retail resume that will land you more interviews.

If you have one, use it to make your already good retail resume shine.

writing a good retail resume

Start with the basics: School Name and Location. Years in School. Degree. It doesn't really matter if it's high school or college.

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Our final retail resume-writer is Erica, who’s got a lot of retail associate experience behind her, but wants to jump up a level in the store management food chain. Download This Resume in MS Word Erica’s resume shows an accomplished retail professional.

Assistant Retail Store Manager Resume Sample | Best Resume Objective Examples