The mystery surrounding the black hole phenomenon in our universe

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The mystery surrounding the black hole phenomenon in our universe

CNN — For a scientist, perplexity is the most exhilarating state of mind, because unexpected phenomena are often the most direct path to discoveries.

The mystery surrounding the black hole phenomenon in our universe

It is hard to understand how a black hole became so big, so long ago. Generally, black holes are the relic of massive and burned-out stars. They contain enough mass in a small enough volume to literally warp space and time, so much that not even light can escape them. One class of black holes originates from the death of stars; these contain as much mass as perhaps three to maybe thirty times that of our sun.

There is a second class of black holes that are much more massive and are found at the center of galaxies, like our own Milky Way.

The recent scientific surprise involves a black hole from the second class, with a mass of about million times that of our sun, that existed when our universe was a mere million years old.

So why is that surprising?

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Black holes are like humans. They start out small and they grow over time. There is a lot of exciting and mind-blowing science that goes into understanding this most recent observation. The first point is that black holes are, well, black.

Quasars, short for quasi-stellar object, are the brightest persistent things in the universe. They appear to be small and emit energy prodigiously. The reason they seem small is because they are so incredibly far away.

They were initially a mystery, and in the s there were all sorts of types of speculation as to what they were, including that they might be a sort of "white hole" -- the other side of a black hole, where the mass and energy of a black hole was emitted into our universe.

We now know that quasars are actually supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies. These celestial monsters are millions or even billions of times the mass of our sun.

Why did this block occur?

But not all supermassive black holes are quasars. To be a quasar, the black hole must be feeding -- consuming the gas and stars around it at a breathtaking pace. As that matter spirals down into oblivion, it heats up to outrageous temperatures and emits light.

The recent observation is the most distant quasar ever observed. It is powered by an enormous black hole, and it existed when the universe was in its infancy. And that is the source of the mystery.

The mystery surrounding the black hole phenomenon in our universe

Just how is it possible for such a massive black hole to exist when the cosmos was so young? Astronomers have a pretty good handle on the broad strokes of how the universe has evolved.

It started about For reasons that are still being worked out, it "exploded," for the lack of a better word, starting out very hot and cooling as it went. In a scant three minutes, the protons, neutrons and electrons that make up ordinary matter existed, although the universe was too hot for atoms to form.

At a time aboutyears after the Big Bang, the universe had cooled enough for atomic hydrogen and helium to form. At that point, the universe "went dark.

That "nearly" is important, as there were very small fluctuations in the density of that gas, and the denser portions started to attract other nearby gas, setting into motion the events that led to the universe we see today.

As the gas concentrated, it grew hotter, eventually turning into stars and galaxies.All u know about space like stars,planets,our milky-way galaxy,comets and what and everything u see in either news,science channels and other there is a great mystery that ever have been solved by us in the UNIVERSE.

Metal debris from our nation’s past is everywhere, but what makes this case curious is the home’s proximity to Patrick Air Force Base. All the weirdest stuff happens near Air Force bases. It is known. The leading theory is that each of these mega-stars is the result of a merger of a binary star system that crashed together while orbiting the black hole.

If that's the case, then the G-objects. For decades, astronomers believed that super-massive black holes exist at the very center of massive galaxies.

So far, given their nature, all attempts to observe . A presentation of the facts and theory surrounding the astronomical phenomenon of "black holes", using the latest in computer-generated imagery.

Biocentrism is a new "Theory of Everything" proposed by American scientist Robert Lanza, which sees biology as the central driving science in the universe, and an understanding of the other sciences as reliant on a deeper understanding of biology.

Lanza believes that life and biology are central to being, reality, and the cosmos.

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