Road to success comes through hardwork

The mock tests that IMS conducts are very close to the actual CAT, and the continuous assessment through these mock tests really built my confidence.

Road to success comes through hardwork

And why is it that there are other students who do not even invest half the amount of time and effort into their studies, but get good or even outstanding results? Also, be sure to have a look at How to Get Motivated to Study as motivation plays a crucial role in studying smart. Intelligence certainly plays a role.

This article is, however, not intended as an excuse for students not to study at all. But, this article guides you on how to make the most out of the time you invest for studying. Whenever you study, strive to study in a smart way.

When I started studying, I was shocked to see many of my fellow students rushing into the library only to leave with seven or more books in their hands. Inclusively the script for each subject, it became a massive mountain of learning materials for them.

For a very short time, I was a little frightened by their eagerness, but I held on to the decision of keeping my focus on the important. How did I do it?

I studied smart and only periodically hard. How to study smart not hard? And how to avoid studying for so long?

The road to success comes through hard work, determination, and personal sacrifice | dmhyer

This article is partitioned into three parts. Part A Preparation and part B Mindset focus on the organization of information that makes it easier for you to recall. Get a study game plan You want to study smart, right?

Hence, it makes sense not to approach your work in an unfocused, undirected way. Instead, create a study game plan where you specify the day you begin to prepare for your exams create a daily schedule of tasks you want to accomplish during exam preparation create a detailed to-do-list, keep a close eye on what is really important enumerate the books you need to read better: How to do it the smart way?

A clear goal that you pursue gradually with your plan helps you to avoid many extra-hours, but it also allows you to direct your focus on the important. That way, you establish the fundament on which you can build upon, during the upcoming study phase, without having to read the book all over again.

But you also train yourself to quickly identify the key statements in large texts that are very likely to be tested in the exam. Separate the wheat from the chaff While you listen to a lecture or read through a textbook, give the following a try: Making these important additions to your script will help you at a later time to grasp important coherences.I attended IMS classes for around 6 months for CAT The mock tests that IMS conducts are very close to the actual CAT, and the continuous assessment through these mock tests really built my .

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Road to success comes through hardwork

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