Free online songwriting websites for kids

Go To Hookpad Hookpad Hookpad is software that simplifies songwriting by helping you choose chords that sound good together and guiding you to write a good melody.

Free online songwriting websites for kids

Before Steve Roslonek --aka SteveSongs -- joined the lineup on PBS Kidshe was busy visiting classrooms and engaging students in singing and songwriting. Now his filming and touring schedules don't leave him time for school visits.

Setting Christopher Columbus's journey, the virtues of kindness, and even the long "e" sound to music are part of a day's work for Steve Roslonek of SteveSongs. The musician conducts songwriting workshops with students, helping them employ skills and concepts from class in the songwriting process.

Ways to use songwriting to reinforce lessons.

free online songwriting websites for kids

For years, singing and songwriting were Steve Roslonek's passions. Now they are his profession, and thousands of children, their parents, and teachers are thrilled with the choice he made.

Roslonek, through his Boston-based organization SteveSongsperforms original songs for children on the guitar and offers songwriting workshops for students in third through fifth grades. A concert at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, Roslonek's alma mater, was packed with parents and children, most under age 5, many of whom were Steve fans.

The energetic, engaging songs involved the audience in digging for treasure, swaying with a pirate ship, and "getting down" with gravity. Some fans called out requests for Steve hits.

Roslonek has been pursuing music fulltime sinceafter leaving a job as a business and technology consultant. He had written some children's songs for friends and, with their encouragement, he contacted some musician friends who helped him record an album. Steve and fans at a recent concert.

How did you get started offering song-writing workshops to students?

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I was at a school in Fairfield, Connecticut, a few years ago doing assembly programs for the kindergarten through second graders. I had a break between assemblies, so I went into the music room. Some fourth graders came into the room about ten minutes before their class, and I remember thinking, "I wonder what fourth graders are learning about in school these days.

They told me that they were learning about Christopher Columbus and his travels. Then one of the kids noticed my guitar and asked, "Can you play that thing? I started searching for rhymes and the kids helped me find them. I asked them more about Columbus and we continued the song.

We had a full verse and the beginning of a chorus done by the time the music teacher came in. She let us continue writing the song and that was my first songwriting workshop. What do you do in your workshops with students? Each workshop usually is one hour.

I work with second through fifth graders, writing one original song per class. I spend the first five to seven minutes discussing song structure, some writing terms and techniques, and the importance of communicating with a listening audience. I then play an original song, asking the students to identify those techniques in the piece.

Then we're ready to start. We work with two writing boards; an Idea Board and a Song Board.Nov 26,  · Distribute your music online. Uploading your music to sites like Spotify, iTunes, or RadioAirplay will give your fans an easy way to play or purchase it.

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free online songwriting websites for kids

Collaborate remotely or in person at our New York City studio. Get Started. In addition to co-producing a song with you, we can help with songwriting, lyric-writing, arrangements and production.

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Creative teachers, parents, librarians and music lovers can use songs to teach content across the curriculum to students of all ages.

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